To ensure a sustainable future for Torres del Paine National Park and its surrounding communities.

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Your Best Footprint for Paine

The Base Torres trail that leads to the three iconic granite spires is the most popular trekking route in Torres del Paine National Park. Because of this, it is also one of the most degraded. The Legacy Fund is teaming up with the Chilean National Forest Corporation (CONAF) and AMA Torres del Paine to restore this trail and support the long-term health of this fragile landscape. Leave behind your best footprint for Paine by donating your square meter today! If you’re an international tourism business and would like to support the campaign, please contact emily@supporttdp.org.

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Torres del Paine legnga tree nursery

Lenga Tree Nursery Project

Building the first lenga tree nursery in Torres del Paine dedicated to reforestation Read more

recycling in Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales Recycling Project

Developing the first recycling system in Southern Patagonia Read more

Become A Business Partner

Does your business cater to travelers in and around the park? The Torres del Paine Legacy Fund depends on the support and contributions of organizations like yours. We welcome you to learn more about how you can partner with the fund, and demonstrate your support for an important local cause.

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